Agreement Disagreement Exercises

2nd December 2020 • By

Perhaps we must express our consent or opposition to a person`s action or attitude. So it`s much better to do it right! Disagreements with negative statements are with yes pronoun – auxiliary expressions of disagreement is always considered honest and sometimes as courageous. – It`s partly true that… – It`s true, but… I cannot agree with reservations. – It`s obvious, but… – It`s not as simple as it sounds. – I agree with you, in principle, but… It sounds obvious, but… under certain circumstances…

It was a great party! – I could no longer agree. (Okay. (Exact) You can also accept, but with reservation, especially when there is a doubt or feeling of not being able to accept something completely. I) Like you, YOUR ACCORD TO EXPRESS: I agree with you! . . I don`t think there are many other constructs where learners often make mistakes… or the same kind of errors as that of this verb! 1. He doesn`t speak English. – . (Okay.

(Exact) (False) IT`S COMPATIBLE WITH SOMEONE. (Be CAREFUL! AGREE should not be built with BE as a help tool!) You agree with the NOD… They shake their heads to disagree… The last time I disagreed, it was my partner in my work, because he didn`t accept my idea and he was so mean. . The affirmative supplements to positive remarks are made with this help – pronoun. 7. Do you want another piece of chocolate cake? – .

(Accept) (Exact) (False) At every moment of our daily life, we may have to express our opinion and we should not abstain from it! . There are also many derivative and similar expressions: negative supplements to negative statements are made with nor/neither – auxiliary – subject. . The last time I disagreed, it was my friend. We made a presentation at the time. But I think we didn`t agree because we didn`t get along! . Yes I know. Here`s a whole series of phrases to “remember.” But if you take a closer look, many are quite similar and express only small details or nuances. If you get used to using them, you`ll learn what to use based on the people you`re chatting with and the level of language (or recording) you need to use. After all, it becomes very easy… Hello everyone, the last time I didn`t agree on anything was when me and my wife had different thoughts about the budget of buying food.

I had my own list in mind when it had hers, but when it was the real housekeeping on the list, we had to choose what item on the list had to go, I just never agreed about the ideas of deleting or reducing the number of points from my list to balance the budget, just as she didn`t like it happening. Agree and agree on its important points. I learned how to do a frendly maner desagrre. 1. You don`t like it. Yes, that`s what I do. 2. “She doesn`t have a job.” “No, that`s not the case.” 3.

“It`s a great movie.” No, that`s not it. 4.