Concept Responsibility Agreement (Kvv)

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February 1, 1993, revised February 2, 1994. Version 3 revised September 1998, version 4 completely revised September 2008. Only the German version of the Q-Beton formula is legally binding. This document cannot be copied and transmitted to suppliers within the. Volkswagen GROUP`s corporate supply chain. Copyright Protected All rights reserved for Volkswagen AG. Published by Volkswagen AG, Quality Assurance of The K GQS 4 Supply Group. Mailbox 1466 0 38448 Wolfsburg, Ladies and Gentlemen. Increased customer demands in the face of global competition and price pressures require demand.

Production-ready products and robust production processes We. Together, we must meet this challenge if we are to achieve market results. This brochure contains a completely revised version of the concrete Q formula that. contains the basic quality requirements that you meet as a production supplier. The materials must materialize the Q-concrete formula and other applicable documents from the. The basis of all applications and must therefore be taken into account for bids without tender. To ensure successful cooperation in the future, it is essential that the requirements outlined in this contract are met in the supply chain and all of them are. Suppliers provide open communication and meet cost targets and deadlines.

As a potential supplier, you accept the offer you have read. and included the requirements in the concrete Q formula you described. to meet and meet these requirements without reservation. will be implemented in your supply chain, you can view the concrete Q formula and all the updates on the Internet below. Address www vwgroupsupply com, Wolfsburg September 2008. F J Garcia Sanz J Rothenpieler, Executive Committee Group A Supply Head of Group Quality Assurance. Volkswagen AG Volkswagen AG, applicable documents in the amended version. Group quality documents on www vwgroupsupply com, Current information on requests for defective parts in the field for the VW brand. Formula Q capability, formula Q skill software.

Formula Q of new integral parts, the form TF Parts control dispatch. Manual for original parts suppliers, group basic requirement software. Group guideline Audit of cable products, group packing sheets and vehicle. Supplier manual for prototypes, Q certificate for the pre-series phase. QS-Logistics Policies and CKD, Framework Agreement Design Management. Manage the cost of field and 0km complaints that are caused by suppliers. Capability Target Agreement, standard group list on www vwgroupsupply com FE online standards.