Dof Enterprise Agreement

7th December 2020 • By

Even the largest employers, with significant means to help them negotiate the complexity of the procedural aspects of the enterprise agreement, express their frustration with the process and the Commission`s approach to the authorisation procedure. Woolworths recently stated5 that it would give your name, number and name of agreement. A team member must contact you within 2 business days. The list of applications includes the applicant`s number, the name of the agreement, the title of the agreement, economic activity, the date the application was filed, the approval or difference of the application, and the status of the application. As a result, the employer was required to submit a copy of the application to the union and, as was not the case, the decision to approve the agreement was overturned. When the employer finally submitted the enterprise agreement to the Board for approval, it did not serve as a copy of the application to the union. Since the employer did not provide a copy of the application to the union, the union only found out after its authorization that it had been filed. This is another set of agreements that have not received the Commission`s approval, as many would call it a “technical” non-compliance with the law. It follows numerous cases where the Commission rejected enterprise agreements because the employer`s Communication on Workers` Representation Rights (NERR) did not meet the requirements of the law. A recent decision (Sigma Case) 1 by the Commission (Commission) provides yet another example of the difficulties that business bargaining procedures can cause under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Act).

In its submissions to the Senate Committee, the Commission requested that the proposed legislative amendments (which would allow members of the Commission to exercise some discretion over the approval of enterprise agreements despite minor or technical errors in certain requirements) be applied retroactively to allow members to exercise discretion over applications already submitted to the Commission. In the event of current applications, the links below allow access to the agreement or amendment.