Framework Partnership Agreement Horizon 2020

9th December 2020 • By

under Horizon 2020, markets in which contracting authorities act as customers to launch innovative products or services that are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis, and may include compliance controls. Marie Curie`s shares on 7th PC, an agreement signed between the beneficiary and one or more associated partners. This agreement must be signed before the grant agreement is signed. recalls the website on which the European Commission provides information on funding for research and innovation projects under Horizon 2020, the seventh research framework programme (7th PCRD) and the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (PCI). under Horizon 2020, a grant-funded action, whose main objective is to complement individual appeals or programmes funded by non-EU funding agencies and which manage research and innovation programmes. Co-financing action may also include complementary networking and coordination activities between programmes in different countries. As part of Horizon 2020, it is a document that summarizes the beneficiaries` strategy and concrete actions related to the protection, dissemination and use of the project`s results. The content of the PEDR follows the progress of the project from the proposal to the presentation of the final report of the project. In the Marie Skodowska-Curie programme, it refers to the agreement signed between the beneficiaries and the partner organisation (s) to regularize their relations. This agreement must be in accordance with the grant agreement. under Horizon 2020, the acquisition of research and development services involving risk sharing under market conditions and competitive development in phases where there is a clear separation between research and development services obtained through the provision of finished product trading volumes. is one of Enterprise Europe Network`s instruments to promote technology and business partnerships across Europe and beyond. It contains thousands of requests from companies, technologies and research cooperation, as well as offers from companies, universities and research centres from different sectors.

refers to any legal entity that implements a Horizon 2020 project or part of a project and has rights and obligations to the European Union or another funding body. Laboratories and research agencies fully managed and funded by the government and other research organizations, including universities and technology institutes, which receive a significant portion of their total funding from public sources. Patent protection is granted to inventions that are products or processes, provided they are new, inventive and marketable. To obtain patent protection, technical information about the invention must be made available to the public in a patent application. see plan for the use and dissemination of the foreground. Patentability is the ability of an invention to meet the legal requirements for obtaining a patent. The invention must be new, have an inventive activity (or not be obvious), be industrial and not be in certain areas excluded (. B for example, scientific theories and mathematical methods, these inventions cannot be patented by the EPO).

a legal term relating to information previously made available to the public in all its forms (for example, publications. B, documents, written articles, products known, for sale or used by the public, etc.) and any location (domestic and external) related to the invention prior to its priority date. is a qualified professional in a scientific discipline and qualified to obtain patent registrations and designs. a portfolio of patents in the same technological field, usually held by different parties, who have agreed to grant them.