Grant Agreement Erasmus Rwth

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The period of study abroad is a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months, although the maximum grant or financial assistance is granted for a period of five months. The aim of the Institute for Foreign Trade`s grants is to train young professionals who specialize in providing services to businesses for internationalization. At the same time, you must apply to the International Office for the Coordination of your faculty/department for an Erasmus study place and the Erasmus scholarship. The Erasmus coordinator of your faculty/department determines the terms and times of application. If your application for an Erasmus place is successful, you will later receive additional information on the Erasmus scholarship from the Erasmus team for students from the RWTH International Office. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation offers scholarships each year, mainly for graduate students, for young graduates and, in some programmes, for foreign and Spanish senior students. Learn more The Carolina Foundation offers a scholarship program that caters primarily to graduate students, specialists and researchers from the countries of the Ibero-American Community of Nations (Latin America). Erasmus Mundus is a programme of cooperation and mobility in the field of higher education. This programme includes European master`s programmes and offers EU-funded scholarships for both third-country nationals who participate in these master`s programmes and EU nationals studying in associated centres around the world. The International Relations Service will inform you of the documentation and the remaining steps required to obtain the grant.

Call for tenders: A tender for erasmus scholarships for the following academic year is launched at the beginning of each academic year. If the number of applications exceeds the number of scholarships available, they are awarded according to the following criteria, assessed by the International Commission on Internships. IUTBN- University of Lorraine Type of agreement – ERASMUS-www.univ-lorraine.fr/formation/ufr-faculties-institute/iut-de-metz You must meet the Erasmus scholarship requirements before, during and after your Erasmus stay. Compliance with these conditions and up to the deadline is a prerequisite for obtaining and continuing to award the Erasmus scholarship. In the download section of the Erasmus page, you will find a checklist of Erasmus conditions. This overview refers to the current year and shows how, where and to what date the condition should be met. Once your application for an Erasmus stay is deemed successful, the Erasmus team for students will send you a specific checklist for your Erasmus stay by June. The International Office grants the Erasmus scholarship. Students receive a scholarship contract each year in July, when their Erasmus stay begins during the winter semester of the academic year. For students who start their Erasmus stay during the summer semester, the Erasmus scholarship is awarded annually in November.

Bilateral agreements: Comillas has signed agreements with universities in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Latin America. The scholarships are aimed at Spaniards who are graduates, advanced engineering qualifications, advanced computer skills or advanced architectural qualifications (submitted and approved with their final projects) or the last year of a master`s degree.