Hanson Eba Agreement

10th December 2020 • By

A spokesman for Hanson said the company was still open to negotiations, although it said the new agreement it had outlined was “fair and reasonable.” “This means that workers could accept a reduction in wages and conditions during the crisis – but they will find that these cuts will be maintained on the other side, unless there is another vote to change the agreement.” “We have been in talks since the end of last year on the new EBA, which should have come into force on 1 January this year, the last one expiring on 31 December,” he said. “Workers simply want the same conditions as the last EBA, which earned them an increase of 4% per year during the three years of the agreement. The spokesperson stated that during the labour dispute, Hanson employees who were not subject to the enterprise agreement were on hand “to ensure that the impact on customers` supply of materials is minimal.” Mr. Burke is concerned that the regulations expire in September, but that any treaty changes could be permanent. “And while the new regulation will expire after six months, changes to business agreements under this new regulation will be maintained after the end of the current crisis,” he said. That is why Senator Roberts and I are going to look for further regulatory changes from the Attorney General that limit any changes to business negotiations to 12 months. But Pauline Hanson, leader of a nation, whose party will have a decisive vote, said she wanted the government to limit any treaty changes to 12 months. The Morrison government will consider limiting changes to enterprise agreements in response to coronavirus to just 12 months as part of an agreement to save controversial employment regulations. This week, labor will press the Senate to ban the government`s regulatory changes, which reduce the notice period for contract changes from seven days to just one, due to concerns that could permanently reduce workers` conditions and are open to abuse.

The Morrison government will limit changes to enterprise agreements in response to the coronavirus pandemic to more than 12 months.