In The Absence Of A Partnership Agreement Which Statement Is Correct

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A partner who is entitled to a portion of the benefits of a partnership is known as: 35. In the absence of partners: (A) Interest is not calculated on partner subscriptions (B). 5% per year on partner subscriptions (C) interest is charged, which is charged at 6% per year on the partner`s subscriptions (D), interest is calculated in 12% per year on partner subscriptions 25. No majority of partners can designate a partner unless the power to do so has been conferred by an explicit agreement between the partners. e) If the activity of the partnership can only continue at a loss: Note: The total amount received by the partner is salary – share of profits 49. A, B and C are partners in a company without agreement. You deposited 750,000, 730,000 and 720,000 in capital in the company. A couldn`t work six months a year because of illness. At the end of the year the company 7 won 15,000 pro-Lit.

A`s share in profit will be: (A) 77,500 (B) 73,750 (C) 75,000 (D) 72,500 Where the partnership continues for the duration, pursuing on presumed old terms. (9) Company books must be registered at the place of activity of the partnership (or in the main location if there are more than one) and each partner may, if deemed appropriate, have access to, review and copy them. 19. The reciprocal rights and obligations of the partners, whether established by agreement or defined by this law, may be modified by the agreement of all partners, and this consent can be inferred either expressly or from a business process. 20. A and B are partners in partnership without agreement. A granted the company a loan of 50,000 US-Euro. At the end of the year, there was a loss in business.

The following interest may be paid by the company to A: (A) 5% per annum (B) 6% per year (C) 6% per month (D) Due to a loss in the business, interest cannot be paid (c) if contracted indefinitely by a partner who accuses the other of its intention to dissolve the partnership. 22. A and B are partners in a partnership venture without agreement. One spends more time on the company than compared to B. A receives the following commission in addition to the company`s profit: (A) 6% of profit (B) 4% of profit (C) 5% of profit (D) None of the parties mentioned above if two parties have agreed to go into partnership and one party refuses to respect the agreement, the court will not force that person to respect the agreement, but the other party would have an action for damages against the opponent [Note12]. 22. If real estate or hereditary interests have been transferred to the property of a partnership, they are treated between partners (including representatives of a deceased partner) and between the heirs of a deceased partner and its executors or directors, as personal or personal property and non-heritage and non-heritage or hereditary. 28. Partners are required to provide each partner or legal representatives with truthful reports and complete information on everything related to the partnership. 9.

The number of partners in a semi-detached company may be as follows: (A) Maximum two (B) Maximum ten (C) Maximum 100 (D) A maximum partnership of 50 A may have a managing partner responsible for the management of the company. The managing partner makes all the decisions in progress of the partnership. The managing partner is indefinitely responsible for the company`s debts and obligations. All partners in a general partnership have the right to participate in the management and control of the partnership, unless the administrative obligations are delegated to one or more managing partners in the partnership agreement. (6) No partner is entitled to compensation for the company`s activities. The result of dissolution is that the transaction must be settled, the assets of the partnership must be realized, its debts must be paid and any surpluses must be returned to the partners.