Activities To Teach Subject Verb Agreement

8th September 2021 • By

Continue until everyone has a chance to play. The operation consists of writing a few appropriate themes and verbs on separate cards. For example, middle school children are hungry to learn and have fun. Here are some verb agreement games that high school students will enjoy. If you want to teach some kind of English grammar, I have some good news for you. There is a basic teaching model that you can follow to make your teaching not only valuable, but also relevant and engaging. In addition, this model saves you a lot of time. A simple set of topics and tags is to give students a variety of verbal learning cards. The number depends on the number of students in your class. Subject-verb concordance means that the subject and verb must match in number. In simple terms, they must correspond to the singular form or plural. Here are some examples with the subject in bold type and the wrong verb in italics: This relay racing game takes something old (error correction) and remakes it by adding elements of teamwork and collaboration! In this case, you could focus most of the errors on the theme and verb.

Have you noticed that there are often dialogues in almost all ESL/EFL manuals to introduce the target language? Most students (and also teachers) shine through them on their way to more important things. But this is not necessarily the case. After that, I memorized the students and then introduced them to the class. This is an ideal way to hear many examples of correct correspondence between subject and verb, but take a look at the dialogues to avoid mistakes before the presentation phase. Although it takes some time to prepare for this activity, it`s definitely worth it if you can recycle it for a number of classes……