Technical Support Service Agreement Template

10th October 2021 • By

9 hours on the second working day following the posting or at the time recorded by the delivery service. PandaTip: This is an example of payment terms for services that are fully paid. You can change this to list the terms of a payment plan or monthly payments when the project is in progress. Services: the services that the IT services are to provide under this Agreement, in accordance with the project plan, as well as any other services that the IT services provide or are willing to provide to the Customer. No failure or failure to exercise any right or appeal under this Agreement or by law shall constitute a waiver of such right or any other remedy and shall not prevent or impede the further exercise of such right or other right or remedy. No individual or partial exercise of this right or remedy may prevent or restrict the further exercise of this right or any other remedy. The following definitions and rules of interpretation apply in this Agreement. The main provisions of this model define in great detail the obligations and responsibilities of the service provider as well as those of the customer (including the obligation to inform or consult the service provider about the acquisition of new IT equipment or software so that such new equipment or software is covered by the support services). Other important provisions deal with fees and payments, liability and confidentiality. Intellectual property rights: patents, utility models, invention rights, copyright and related rights, intellectual property rights, trademarks and service marks, business names and domain names, rights of such use, goodwill and right to complain about disclosure or unfair competition, design rights, computer software rights, database rights, rights of use and protection of the confidentiality of confidential information (including know-how and property) and all other intellectual property rights, whether registered or not, including all applications and rights requested and granted, extensions or extensions and rights of use of the priority of such rights and of any rights or forms of similar or equivalent protection that exist or will subsist in any part of the world, today or in the future.

PandaTip: Fill out this section with the specific tasks you are going to accomplish, as well as the schedule and services you provide to the client. This is an opportunity to stand out from your competition! Here you will find more tips that make it easy for you to create an IT support contract. The rights and remedies provided for in this Agreement shall apply in addition to and not exclusively the rights or remedies provided by law. IT Services has agreed to provide the support services described in the project plan on the terms set out in this agreement and the customer has agreed to acquire them. No one other than a party to this Agreement, its successors and authorized assigns have the right to enforce any of its terms. This heads of agreement serves as a precursor to a binding software licensing agreement between two organizations. It defines the products, responsibilities and prices that the parties will accept in a subsequent binding contract….