Yacht Captain Agreement

17th October 2021 • By

Unless otherwise agreed, new customers or first deliveries must also make a payment to the captain for 1/2 of the total expected delivery costs to be reimbursed with this signed contract. This payment will then be withheld as a guarantee and deducted from the total amount due after the completion of the delivery. The owner/agent of the vessel also undertakes to bear all transport costs incurred by the delivery staff to and from the place of departure and return to the residence in Stuart, FL. Occupancy agreements must be approved by the flag State prior to use, but staff members are not experts in labour law and this can make the application for authorization tiring. Crew members must have had the opportunity to seek advice on the agreement before signing it, as well as other entities necessary to fully understand their rights and obligations, e.B. a translator. Submit the agreement to the ship`s register in the ship`s “flag State” (the country in which it is registered). Given the complexity and size of today`s superyachts, sailing without the help of a professional crew is not an option. Most owners are not even qualified to order their own yachts, which would result in the withdrawal of insurance coverage in the event of an accident with the owner at the helm. As with any role on land, the crew members` service is subject to both the agreed written or oral employment contract and the law in force in the broad sense.

But given the peculiarities of seafarers and their historical exploitation, the laws governing this type of employment differ in many ways from those prevailing on land. .